3rd degree burn Photo Page

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  This rookie firefighter was injured during a training excercise. 

Note the fried chicken look of the skin. This will leave a scar. 

Some web sites say there is such a thing as a 4th or 5th degree burn, but throughout our medical training we have always distinguished that there are only 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns. 3rd degree is through the full thickness of the skin. Just think of partially cooked meat, and fully cooked meat. It is still cooked meat, if the skin will slide off of it. Thats what fried chicken is...3rd degree burns of little chicken parts. Do you like the extra crispy?

3rd degree burn

Third degree burn

3rd degree burn ...cooked in the middle with red around the edges

2nd degree burn with peeling and blistering

1st degree burn sunburn without blisters, just red